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Leak Detection and Repair


Getting an extremely high water bill out of the blue can sometimes be your first tip off you have a water leak. A toilet running can sometimes be the culprit, but it also could be a leak under the foundation. Please call Classic Plumbing in Plano as quick as a possible so we can use our state of the art equipment to find exactly where the leak is. We will give you an estimate to repair and a time frame of how long it will take to fix. With state-of-the-art slab leak locating equipment, we can pinpoint the source of your leak and give you an estimate on what it will take to repair it

Water Leak Warning Signs

It’s not easy to tell for sure whether or not you have a water leak in your home. You should leave it to the professionals to detect and locate a water leak. However, there are some warning signs you can’t ignore:

  • Your water bills are going through the roof.
  • Your water meter is ticking all the time.
  • There are cracks in your homes foundation or walls.
  • You notice discoloration in the walls.
  • Sagging ceiling or walls.
  • Wet spots in the walls and/or ceiling.
  • Mildew and mold.

Time is of the essence when you notice these warning signs. You should get in touch with us as soon as possible. The more you wait – the worse it can and will get. If our experienced and skilled technicians reach the leak in a timely fashion, there’s a chance to repair a water leak while it’s still small and not too expensive to repair. So, pay attention to these warning signs and do not ignore or underestimate them.


Do you hear a gurgling sound when you flush toilets or smell a rotten egg (sulfuric) smell? You might have a sewer leak. Classic Plumbing will use a video camera inspection unit and smoke testing on your sewer line to find where your sewer leak originates. You can depend on our state-of-the-art leak detection technology and expert professional technicians. Roots and soil movement are prime culprits in causing sewer leaks in your drain line. Classic Plumbing handles sewer leaks and sewer line repairs on a regular basis.

Sewer Leaks Warning Signs

The following symptoms are an indication that you are facing serious sewer leak problems:

  • Your toilet makes gurgling sounds when you flush the water.
  • There’s a pungent smell you can’t ignore.
  • You notice extremely slow drains.
  • The sound of continuously running water you can’t explain or stop.
  • You have severe mold problems.
  • A rodent problem also goes hand-in-hand with the sewer leak problems.

Again, if you have concerns that you may be experiencing sewer leak problems, please consult the professionals in this business. Besides being an aesthetic problem that influences the comfort of your home, the sewer leaks can present a serious health threat if not eliminated on time. The trickiest part of the sewer leaks repair process is to quickly and accurately locate the problem. For this purpose our technicians use the state-of-the-art video cameras with the high-resolution image quality. It’s not particularly difficult to deal with your sewer leaks once the exact nature of the problem is determined and more importantly determining its precise location.


Gas Leaks can be detrimental and can lead to fires or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Classic Plumbing can track down the leak, fix it, and verify the pressure is correct so you know you don’t have other problems in the house. Please call us immediately if you have a suspected Gas Leak.

Gas Leaks Warning Signs

Compared to water and sewer leaks, this is by far the most severe and dangerous problem you can face in your home. We are talking about health and life threatening situations caused by gas leaks, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, or explosions. Here are the warning signs that require your full and immediate attention:

  • The notorious and powerfully unpleasant smell of rotten eggs.
  • Dead plants and grass that follow and surround your gas line.
  • Unsually high gas bills.
  • Feeling of sudden and unexplainable headaches and dizziness.
  • The pilot light is repeatedly blowing out.
  • There’s a blue gas flame, instead of a yellow/orange flame.
  • An annoying hissing sound when you get close to the gas line.

If you notice any of these gas leak warning signs, you need to take the following steps as soon as possible and then get in touch with our gas leak certified technicians:

  • Open all the windows and doors imeediately.
  • Vacate your premises without further delay.
  • Don’t touch any battery or electronic operated devices, phones, or lights.
  • Don’t light matches or candles.
leak detection repair

We will make sure that your gas leak problem is isolated and fixed properly. Rest assured that we will thoroughly check that the gas leak problems don’t jeopardize your family’s safety in the future. After our gas leak repair work is completed, we will conduct detailed and rigorous pressure tests to verify you and your loved ones are perfectly safe.

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