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At Classic Plumbing in Plano, Texas, we are a fully licensed and insured company available 24/7 to help with all your plumbing needs.

We offer a wide range of services, from repairing leaky faucets and unclogging drains to installing water heaters. We guarantee to provide quality, long-lasting work that is always up to code. Customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer warranties if the work does not meet your expectations. Additionally, if your job requires inspection, don’t worry; we will pull the permit and schedule the inspectors in your city.

We want to thank you for considering Classic Plumbing to service your home or business. Plano and the surrounding areas have trusted us to keep their plumbing running smoothly and up to date since 1986. Whatever plumbing needs you may have, we are always here to answer any questions or help you with your concerns!

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Plano Water Heater Repair

Classic Plumbing is the top plumber in Plano, TX, for water heater repair with fast, 24/7 Emergency service.

Searching for a plumber in Plano that you can trust may seem daunting, but you’re in good hands with Classic Plumbing. We understand that water heater issues can disrupt your day-to-day life, which is why our team of expert plumbers in Plano is committed to providing prompt and efficient plumbing repair services. Whether it’s a lack of hot water, a leak, or just regular maintenance, we handles every situation with professionalism and a level of care that makes us stand out amongst Plano plumbers. Our reputation as a reliable Plano plumber is built on years of delivering seamless repair services to our community.

We’re the premier service provider in the Plano area when it comes to water heater repair. Our technicians are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to resolve your water heater issue efficiently. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer service that’s not just comprehensive but also convenient and courteous. We recognize that having repair work done can be a hassle, which is why we strive to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. With Classic, you can rest assured knowing that we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction above all else.

Don’t let water heater problems leave you in the cold. Contact Classic Plumbing, where service excellence meets unrivaled expertise. We’re not just another plumber offering repair; we’re a team that believes in building lasting relationships with our customers by ensuring each service is completed to the highest standard. So whether you need immediate water heater repair or regular maintenance, let us show you why we are the trusted choice for countless homeowners and businesses when they need a plumber in Plano.

Plano Drain Cleaning

Do you have a clogged drain? Classic Plumbing, located in Plano, has fast 24/7 drain cleaning.

When it comes to maintaining the health of your home’s water systems, Classic Plumbing offers premium plumbing services in Plano that stand out for their quality and reliability. Drains are the unsung heroes of our infrastructure, silently whisking away wastewater and ensuring we have a clean, comfortable environment. However, when they start to slow down or clog, they remind us quickly how vital a Plano Drain Cleaning service is to our daily lives. As a dedicated Plano plumbing company, we understand that water is a precious resource and that efficiently managing its flow through your pipes is crucial for both convenience and conservation.

Whether it’s stubborn blockages, slow drainage, or the need for routine maintenance, Classic Plumbing combines expertise with precision to tackle any drain-related challenge you may face. Our specialized plumbing services ensure that the air in your environment stays fresh—because we solve water problems before they become air problems. After all, nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our customers and the functionality of their plumbing systems.

In summary, for stellar plumbing service that aligns with your expectations, Classic Plumbing is the name to remember. We’re not just service providers but caretakers of your peace of mind and comfort. So, whenever you find yourself in a pinch with your plumbing, you’ll know it’s Classic Plumbing, the service experts ready to bring harmony back to your professionally cleaned drain at a time.

Plano Slab Leak Repair

Trust the experts when it comes to slab leak repair in Plano.

Discovering a slab leak in your Plano home can be daunting, but with Classic Plumbing, you’ve got a friend in the repair business who understands the need for swift, reliable service. Serving as trusted Plano plumbers, we’ve built a reputation on our commitment to addressing your water-related troubles with precision and care. Our expert team is equipped to handle every facet of your service in Plano needs, from the subtlest of leak detections to the most demanding repair challenges.

We recognize that a slab leak is more than a minor inconvenience—a water disaster demanding fast action. Our repair services extend beyond just fixing pipes; we delve into the root causes of leaks to ensure long-lasting solutions. As seasoned professionals, we respect the dire consequences an unaddressed leak can wreak on your property.

Your pipe system is the lifeblood of your home’s infrastructure. Whether it be a simple repair or an extensive overhaul, no task is too big or small for our crew. Through rigorous training and employing advanced technologies, our staff stands prepared to tackle any slab leak, restoring peace and functionality to your living space.

Water issues often come with warning signs such as unusually high bills, sounds of running water when nothing is on, or damp spots on your floors. If you’re experiencing any of these, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for Plano slab leak repair services. Remember, when it’s time to mend those troublesome pipes and banish leaks back to nonexistence, look no further than Classic Plumbing for proficient slab leak repair services in Plano.

Plano Gas Pipe Repair

Classic Plumbing in Plano, Texas, offers fast emergency gas pipe repair.

When it comes to the safety and efficiency of your home, ensuring that your gas pipes are in top-notch condition is paramount. That’s where Classic Plumbing steps in; our Pro team delivers unparalleled gas pipe repair services in Plano, guaranteeing your peace of mind. As a household name for a plumber in Plano, we understand the complexities and hazards that accompany gas leak repair issues. Our skilled plumbers in Plano have a robust background in rectifying gas pipe dilemmas, ensuring that your home is safe from potential gas leaks and other related problems.


Plano Kitchen Plumbing

Classic Plumbing offers comprehensive kitchen plumbing services in Plano.

Searching for a plumber in Plano? Look no further than Classic Plumbing, where our team of seasoned Plano plumbers stands ready to tackle all your kitchen plumbing needs with utmost professionalism. Kitchen plumbing goes beyond mere faucet fixes; it encompasses everything from installing new fixtures to intricate plumbing repair. Known widely for being a trusted Plano plumber, we understand the ins and outs of the diverse plumbing systems in your cherished home. Whether you’re updating your kitchen or in dire need of urgent repair services, water leaks and plumbing mishaps stand no chance against our efficient and systematic approach. Let’s work together to keep your kitchen the center of joy and efficiency it’s meant to be.

Plano Bathroom Plumbing

Classic Plumbing excels in delivering superior bathroom plumbing services in Plano.

When it comes to top-notch Plano Bathroom Plumbing services, Classic Plumbing stands out as the professional plumber in Plano. As a homeowner, you understand the importance of maintaining a functional and beautifully designed bathroom. That’s where our expertise in installation and plumbing repair services shines. We have a team of skilled plumbers in Plano who specialize in everything from fixing a leaky faucet to a complete bathroom overhaul. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other Plano plumbers.


Plano Commercial Plumbing

Classic Plumbing is any time of day for Commercial Plumbing, seven days a week.

When businesses seek a pro in the Plano area for their commercial plumbing needs, they look no further than Classic Plumbing. Our team of skilled Plano plumbers understands that plumbing service isn’t just about pipes and faucets; it’s about ensuring your business operations run smoothly and efficiently. From large-scale installation projects to urgent plumbing repair, we’ve got the expertise to handle it all. With our top-rated services in Plano, clients can rest assured that they’re getting the best in both quality and reliability.

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Trusted & Recommended since 1986

Won Super Service Award by Angie’s List in 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017, 2018


We Adhere & Follow City Codes (Work, as required by city codes, is inspected)

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We stand behind our work


Excellent customer service

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Quality workmanship and cleanliness


Fully Licensed & Insured

Award Winning Service

We have won numerous awards including the Super Service Award by Angie’s List since 2014. Rest assured that we are working hard to win the 6th award in 2019. We appreciate and accept this prestigious title. We feel privileged when you award us with your trust. We also feel immensely proud when we get the recognition of our industry and colleagues.

Flawless Record & Five-Star Reviews

We have the prestigious A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, and we also invite every new client to check out our reviews. Those ratings and reviews are the right tracks for you to follow when looking for the most reliable provider of plumber services. It goes without saying that these top ratings and reviews can’t be bought, they have to be earned.

We Strictly Follow City Codes & Inspection Requirements

We play by the book when it comes to our services. There’s no question or compromise about it. We strictly follow and comply with all city codes and inspection requirements in our field of work. Our work is fully transparent and available for inspection at any given moment. That’s one of the reasons we have been so long in this business.

We Stand Behind Our Work

This isn’t just one of those phrases the service providers use to attract new customers. We stand behind our work and technicians. Our work comes with a guarantee. We always verify that everything is working as expected once we leave your home. Also, the results of our work are covered by our guarantee. We play fair and provide top quality service at the most competitive prices.

Excellent Customer Service

Running a company with excellent and reliable customer service doesn’t just mean you have to answer phone calls promptly and reply in a friendly voice. The top customer service is much more than that. We walk in our customer’s shoes. We are available and ready to answer all the questions, concerns and doubts and we treat our clients with the utmost care and attention. We play on the same team, and we always aim to achieve a win-win.

Quality Workmanship & Cleanliness

We pay attention to the details. Our technicians are polite, patient, and friendly. They will do their very best to address properly every single request you may have and will thoroughly clean up after themselves. We always aim to work quickly, efficiently, and discretely. We know how annoying it can be to have a bunch of technicians moving and fixing things inside your home. Who’s going to clean up all that mess left behind? Well, that’s not the question you’re going to ask our technicians. They will take care of all things – cleaning included.

All Of Our Technicians Are Fully Licensed & Insured

Here’s a simple truth about our business. There’s plenty of work to do, but only for the right people. Our reputation is flawless thanks to our technicians. You can have complete peace of mind while working with us because you know that all of our technicians are fully licensed and insured. Additionally, we run thorough and detailed background checks on all of our employees. We have been in business so long that we simply can’t allow ourselves the luxury of jeopardizing our reputation with one rotten apple spoiling the barrel in our company.

Fair Prices

We have already said that full transparency is the synonym of our business. That just couldn’t be truer regarding our prices. Before we ever begin with our work, we want you to know what are we going to do and how much it’s going to cost you. There are no hidden costs and unpleasant surprises when you work with us. So, get in touch with Classic Plumbing today and see for yourself how these benefits work in real life.

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