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Plano Drain Cleaning

Classic Plumbing is your drain cleaning and sewer expert. We offer a variety of drain clog solutions and sewer line replacement options to fit your needs.


We service the following drains:

  • Kitchen Drains

  • Shower/tub drains

  • Bathroom sink drains

  • Toilet drains

  • Main line sewer drains


Drain Cleaning Roto Service

Also known as a ‘plumbing snake’ or ‘drain auger’, an electric drain snake is used to unclog drains effectively. The device features a long, flexible metal cable that can have different metal bits attached to the end of it.  Also, drain snakes are great for clearing major drain clogs and not having to use harsh chemicals, it is considered a preventive drain cleaning tool that chews up blockages. Our licensed plumber also uses exploratory video cameras that can track down the location of the clog and the nature of the problem. Some benefits of using a sewer snake or plumbing snake include:

  • Tried and tested when it comes to getting rid of clogs and blocked drains
  • Reliable and easy-to-use tool by plumber and even homeowners
  • Suitable for homes with weak and older drain plumbing systems
  • It can withstand the water pressure from hydro jet making it compatible to use for weak pipes compatible to use for weak pipes

Sewer Cleaning:

A damaged line is not something to take lightly. Cracked sewer pipes can be more than just a costly repair, they can also lead to pricey property damage. But don’t worry! Classic Plumbing can swiftly fix the damage and get your life back to normal by diagnosing the root cause.  We all know that grime, minerals, and tiny objects can damage your pipes and drains so it is very important to check your plumbing system routinely, but what are the signs that your sewer line may need replacement?

  • Molds appear on the walls or ceiling of your bathroom which can indicate internal leaks
  • A small and visible sinkhole in the yard
  • Bubbles and strange noises coming from your toilet or bathtub
  • Ineffective draining in your sink despite your efforts to clear it up
  • Numerous large wet spots on your lawn when the weather’s been dry

Sewer Drain Cleaning:

It can be costly and time-consuming just to start digging to correct a drain problem. Our expert plumbers will use a video camera to run the line to inspect the drain and find if there are areas that need to be corrected.

Let’s face it. Video cameras are one of the most invaluable and widely used tools in our drain cleaner business. You may think that we just want to show off the fancy equipment we are using to provide our plumbing services, but we hope you see the big picture. We are living and working in the 21st century, so let’s take advantage of the great tools and technologies we can use. If you want to make sure that you are speaking to a professional plumbing service, then ask whether or not they have video cameras.drain cleaning inspection

We use them for visual inspections of the pipes and sewer lines that aren’t easily accessible or underground. You have probably seen surgeons performing the most complex surgeries with the help of tiny video cameras. Well, it works more or less the same for plumbers too. Thanks to these state-of-the-art high-resolution video cameras there’s no pipe we can’t access and inspect first-hand. It’s really great to be able to examine the pipes in their entirety even around the corners. Rest assured that this journey into the depths of your pipes always pays off.

Together, you can examine the real-time video images with our technicians. After all, it’s all about the full transparency of our work, isn’t it? You can see for yourself what needs to be done, discuss our findings with your loved ones, and determine what’s the best and most affordable course of action necessary to fix your pipes. What’s even more important, we can save these images in our archive or for your personal use.

Our technicians strongly rely on video camera inspections to look at clogged drains because we aren’t in the guessing business. We take pride in our ability to quickly and accurately diagnose the problems with your drain lines. We all know that the first step toward an efficient solution to the problem is in its precise identification. In return, you can expect to save a considerable amount of time and money thanks to our video camera inspection work.

Just like in any other service providing business – the devil of additional costs and extra repair time is hidden in the details. A video camera can inspect thoroughly even the tiniest details that are causing your problems, such as damaged, misaligned, corroded, off-grade, broken pipes or potentially serious leaks, grease build-ups, and the like. Finally, we will repeat our video camera inspection to make sure that we have done proper repair work. Together, we can evaluate the results of our work, and you can see first-hand that you paid for top quality service.

We strongly recommend our customers use the video camera inspection services when they are experiencing repaired clogs, slow drains, or drain line backups. Also, you can use a video camera when acquiring a new home for your family, just to make sure that the sewer lines won’t cause you any problems. Either way, our technicians are ready to conduct the video camera inspections when and where you benefit the most.

Roto Rotor Drain Cleaning:

What’s hydro jetting? This is a method widely used by the professional plumbers for cleaning clogged sewage lines. How does it work? You don’t have to be a plumbing expert to know that the water released at the high pressure into the pipes can remove build ups and blockages. When it comes to hydro jetting systems, we are talking about the pressure of around 4,000 psi. So, you can rest assured that this is more than enough to fix the problems.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting works hand-in-hand with the video camera inspections. As soon as we determine the precise location of the clog and cause of the problem, we use hydro jetting to fix it. The high pressure has proven itself to be quite effective in eliminating your plumbing problems. However, we should also say that hydro jetting isn’t a solution for all of your plumbing problems. A pair of skillful hands and experienced eyes are required to use hydro jetting equipment appropriately. Meaning, you can easily worsen the situation if you are hydro jetting any broken or heavily damaged pipes.

We use hydro jetting to remove silt, sand, and scale build-ups for residential plumbing services. For commercial purposes, in restaurants, for instance, hydro jetting can also be quite efficient in removing particle and grease build-ups. Thanks to the power of high pressure you can completely remove build ups and clean the pipes as no other plumbing solution can do. Let’s not forget that this is an eco-friendly method because no harsh chemicals are required

drain cleaning

So, to summarize the benefits of hydro jetting for those potential users of this service that are still having some second thoughts:

Powerful, efficient, eco-friendly, and safe to use.
Can thoroughly clean drains and the entire system.
Remove obstructions, such as rocks, grime, roots, and other particles.
Eliminate unpleasant smell and bacteria in the pipes.
Compared to traditional manual plumbing methods this is a much faster way of cleaning.
Can be extremely effective against the build-ups and deposits of mineral origin.
The efficient solution for pipes and drains that are always clogging with no apparent reason.

Again, hydro jetting can match your expectations only if plumbing professionals apply it. We have been using both video camera inspection and hydro jetting methods for many years with great success. Call us today and schedule a video camera inspection of your pipes and if necessary, we will use the hydro jetting method to clean up your pipes.